Cheap Hotels in Cambridge MA: A Budget-Friendly Guide

Cheap Hotels in Cambridge MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, fondly recognized for its world-renowned educational institutions and historic charm, has increasingly become a travel hotspot. While its attractions beckon numerous visitors, finding budget accommodations in such a thriving city can be a challenge. This guide sheds light on the affordable hotel options that ensure a memorable and cost-effective stay in the heart of Massachusetts.


Why Cambridge, MA?

A blend of rich history and modern innovation, Cambridge is home to institutions like MIT and Harvard, which are not only educational behemoths but also architectural wonders. A stroll by the Charles River during sunset or diving deep into the cultural nuances at a local museum, Cambridge never fails to impress. With such prominent attractions and historical significance, it’s no surprise that Cambridge consistently ranks high on the travel lists.

Cambridge’s charm extends beyond its grand institutions. The city’s historic sites, diverse population, and bustling squares make it a must-visit for anyone touring Massachusetts.

Factors to Consider While Booking:

When booking a stay in Cambridge, there are several factors that could make or break your experience:

  • Price: Cambridge, given its attractions, can be pricey. Ensure you’re getting value for your money.
  • Location: Proximity to key attractions can save travel time and costs.
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, breakfast options, and a fitness center can be pivotal for a convenient stay.

When looking for hotels, using platforms that provide extensive hotel reviews and allow price comparisons can be advantageous. Consider factors like accessibility to public transportation or major landmarks while making your choice.

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Cambridge MA:


Hyatt Regency Boston / Cambridge

Hyatt Regency Boston Cambridge

Situated near the riverside, the Hyatt offers contemporary rooms with impressive amenities. Known for its stellar customer service and mesmerizing river views, it strikes a balance between luxury and affordability.

Boston Marriott Cambridge

Boston Marriott Cambridge
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Nestled in the bustling Central Square, the Marriott boasts of state-of-the-art amenities. It’s a stone’s throw away from key attractions, making it a favorite among travelers looking for convenience and comfort without the hefty price tag.

Irving House at Harvard

Irving House at Harvard
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For those who desire a traditional bed & breakfast experience, the Irving House is a perfect pick. Its proximity to Harvard and cozy, home-like atmosphere has made it a top choice for academic visitors.

Prentiss House by Thatch

Irving House at Harvard
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Offering modern apartments for both short and long stays, Prentiss House merges the comforts of home with the conveniences of a hotel. Their flexible booking options cater to both tourists and business travelers alike.

Cambria Hotel Boston Somerville

Cambria Hotel Boston Somerville
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A boutique hotel that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Cambria Hotel offers an experience that’s both unique and affordable. Located a tad away from Cambridge’s hustle and bustle in Somerville, it guarantees a serene stay.

Cambridge, with its blend of history, culture, and academia, promises a fulfilling travel experience. Equipped with the knowledge of affordable stays, your trip to this Massachusetts gem can be both memorable and budget-friendly. As we published on top 5 hotels in downtown boston, now we are on Hotels in Cambridge MA…

Safe travels!