This Weekend’s Best FREE Events in Boston for the Family

Looking for some fun and free activities to do with the family this weekend? Look no further! Boston has a variety of events happening this weekend that won’t cost you a penny. From outdoor concerts to cultural festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover the best free events happening in Boston this weekend that the whole family can enjoy.

Free Outdoor Movie Night at the Hatch Shell

Get ready for a super fun time at the Hatch Shell’s Free Outdoor Movie Night! Imagine this – you’re sitting under the stars, munching on your favorite popcorn, and watching a cool movie on a gigantic screen.

movie night at the Hatch Shell in boston

Isn’t that just awesome? And it gets even better – the view is just breathtaking with the Charles River right behind the screen. So, gather your friends and family, pack some cozy blankets, and don’t forget the popcorn. Let’s make it a movie night to remember. And did I mention? It’s all for free! You won’t find a better movie night in Boston this weekend. Just remember, don’t be late or you might miss the beginning of the movie!

Explore the Boston Common Frog Pond

Who’s up for some fun in the sun at the Boston Common Frog Pond? This place is like a giant playground – it has everything! Green lawns perfect for picnics, cute little ducks to watch and even a carousel that spins round and round!

Frog Pond in the boston

You’ll be spinning with happiness all day! And here’s the best part – you don’t have to spend a single penny! So don’t forget your sun hats and get ready to have an awesome day at this amazing park right in the heart of Boston. Let’s go and have a splashing good time!

Tour the USS Constitution Museum

Get ready for an adventure, me hearties! We’re setting off to explore the USS Constitution Museum. This place is so cool, you get to learn about Old Ironsides, the oldest warship that’s still floating around. It’s like a time machine back to the past.

Visit the USS Constitution Museum boston

You can check out real stuff from the olden days, play fun games, and even pretend you’re a sailor! You’ll feel like you’re part of the crew. The best part? You won’t need a treasure chest full of gold, because it’s all free! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hoist the anchor and set sail for an exciting journey through history!

Attend the Craft and Farmers Market

Ready to fill your baskets with super fresh stuff and have tons of fun? Then let’s head over to the Craft and Farmers Market! It’s like a treasure hunt, with stalls full of crunchy apples, juicy tomatoes, sweet honey, and so much more. And it’s not just about food – you can find cool handmade things too!

Craft and Farmers Market in boston

But wait, it gets even better. There’s music to tap your feet to, street performers doing amazing tricks, and sometimes, they even show you how to cook yummy things. It’s a total festival vibe! The market is the perfect place to spend your weekend morning or afternoon. Remember, you don’t have to buy anything to have fun here! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and join the party at the Craft and Farmers Market!

Enjoy a Free Concert at the Esplanade

Imagine this: You’re chilling on the grass, the sun is shining, and the sound of music is floating in the air. Cool, right? That’s exactly what you’ll get at the Esplanade’s free concerts! They have all sorts of bands playing, so no matter what tunes make you groove, you’ll find something you like.

event in Esplanade boston

And the best part? It’s totally free! So pack a picnic, gather your family, and get ready to rock out to some live music. Remember, the Esplanade is big, so get there early to grab a good spot. Let’s make some memories with awesome music and a beautiful Boston backdrop! Don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching!

Visit the Boston Public Library

Are you a book lover like me? If yes, then the Boston Public Library is like a dream come true! It’s got tons and tons of books that you can read without paying a dime. But guess what? It’s not just about books! They also have storytime where you can listen to some really cool tales.

Boston Public Library

And that’s not all – they also have craft sessions where you can make some awesome stuff. They even screen movies sometimes, how cool is that? So if you’re looking for a cozy and fun spot to spend an afternoon, head over to the Boston Public Library. Trust me, you won’t be bored even for a minute! It’s like a fun treasure chest, but instead of gold and jewels, it’s filled with books and fun activities! So, grab your library card and let’s have a super fun time at the Boston Public Library!

Check Out the Arnold Arboretum

Are you ready for some awesome outdoor adventure? Then let’s head to the Arnold Arboretum! This place is like a giant garden filled with all sorts of cool trees and plants. You can go for a fun walk or a bike ride on the trails, or have a yummy picnic.

Arnold Arboretum

Want to learn something new? They have free tours where you can learn all about the plants and trees. They even have special family activities that are super fun! It’s like having a piece of the forest right in the city. The best part? You don’t have to spend any money to have a great time! So, get your adventure shoes on, grab a map and let’s explore the Arnold Arboretum!