Discovering Boston Fish Restaurant in Des Plaines, IL

boston fish restaurant des plaines il

In the heart of the Midwest, seafood might be the last thing you’d expect to find in a place like Des Plaines, IL. However, the Boston Fish Market in Des Plaines serves some of the best seafood in the region. This unique establishment has been delighting seafood lovers for years and here’s why.

A Peculiar Journey of Seafood to the Midwest

Ever wonder how a Boston-style seafood joint ended up smack-dab in the middle of Des Plaines, IL? It’s a fun story, actually. The restaurant’s Bostonian owners had a vision to transport the fresh seafood of the East Coast straight to the heartland of the Midwest. Their secret? A direct line to Boston’s bustling fish markets. So, while you’re tucking into your clam chowder or crunching on your fish and chips, remember, that seafood flew first class to get to your plate! It’s an unexpected, but delightful, fusion of coastal and Midwestern cultures. Imagine that – a slice of Boston right here in Des Plaines!

Delectable Seafood Delicacies that Delight the Palate

Talk about a feast for the senses! At Boston Fish Market, their menu is chock-full of tantalizing seafood dishes that’ll have you dreaming of the East Coast. Picture this: diving into a steaming bowl of traditional New England clam chowder or getting your hands messy with a hearty serving of their delectable fish and chips. And the seafood paella? Simply out of this world! But the party doesn’t stop there. They’ve got sea scallops that melt in your mouth, fresh-as-can-be oysters, and shrimps cooked to perfection. Each dish, prepared with a love for the craft and a skill that’s hard to beat. So, go ahead, take your palate on an unforgettable seafood adventure right here in the heart of Des Plaines.

The Star of the Show – Fresh Lobster

Let’s talk lobster, shall we? Here at Boston Fish Market, the lobster is more than a dish, it’s an experience. They serve it up whole, in rolls, and as a mouthwatering bisque. Trust me when I say, it’s unforgettable. The meat is so tender it practically melts in your mouth and carries a sweet, delicate flavor that’s just downright delicious. To say it’s cooked to perfection would be an understatement. This isn’t just any lobster – it’s a showstopper, a headliner, the main event! If you’re a seafood aficionado making a pit stop in Des Plaines, the lobster at Boston Fish Market should be at the top of your must-try list. Seriously, it’s that good.

Don’t Miss the Daily Specials

Ever been to a place that always keeps you on your toes? That’s exactly what Boston Fish Market does with its daily specials. Each day has a different seafood star, depending on the fresh catch they’ve scored. You could be savoring succulent crab legs on Monday and then delighting in tasty fish tacos come Wednesday. It’s the perfect way to mix up your seafood journey and discover new favorites. Plus, it gives you a solid reason to keep coming back. So, while you’re there, ask about the daily specials and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The Charm of a Seafood Market

Now, here’s a fun twist – Boston Fish Market doubles as a seafood market! Yes, you read that right. You can buy fresh-off-the-boat fish, shellfish, and other delectable seafood goodies to take home and create your own culinary masterpiece. Imagine turning your kitchen into a mini-Boston seafood joint! The selection is quite impressive, ranging from the familiar salmon and swordfish to more unique offerings like monkfish. It’s like taking a walk through Boston’s famous fish markets without leaving Des Plaines. How’s that for a shopping experience? If you fancy yourself a bit of a home chef, or just love fresh seafood, this place is going to feel like a dream come true. Get your apron ready – there’s a seafood adventure waiting to happen in your kitchen!

An Ideal Destination for Seafood Lovers

Look, if you’re a seafood enthusiast, Boston Fish Market in Des Plaines, IL is basically your paradise. A place to dine, a place to shop – it’s got it all. Here’s the kicker, they are totally committed to top-notch quality and a wide variety of options. Plus, their Boston-style preparation? Spot on, my friends. Whether you’re ready to chow down or keen to whip up a seafood storm in your own kitchen, this place has you covered. Next time you’re around Des Plaines, pop by Boston Fish Market. I bet you’ll be swooning over the fresh seafood faster than you can say “clam chowder”. Trust me, your taste buds will be doing a happy dance.


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